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  • § 01 Name, registered office, business area

    1. The association bears the name: Felidae e. V. It is entered in the register of associations in Syke and was founded on February 6th, 2005.
    2. The association is based in Bassum.
    3. The association operates nationally and internationally.
    4. The fiscal year ends on December 31st. of each year.

  • § 02 Purpose and Goal

  • The Felidae e.V. unites breeders, owners and lovers of all cat species from different regions of Germany and Europe. He represents their interests with the aim of promoting breed breeding and keeping cats as pets.

    He seeks to achieve this goal through:

    1. Association of breeders and lovers of pedigree cats
    2. Exchange of breeding experiences in meetings and in the specialized press
    3. Theoretical and practical instruction in all questions of breeding, heredity, nutrition and evaluation
    4. possibly organization of cat shows and exhibitions
    5. Mediation and proof of breeding value old and young animals
    6. Keeping and proof of first-class breeding males
    7. Keeping a stud book for the creation of pedigrees.
    8. Issue title and championship certificates

    The members of the association want to breed purebred noble cats according to international standards, advise each other, popularize pedigree cats as pets and companions of humans and exchange experiences verbally and in writing. Basically, the hobby must be in the foreground when breeding.

  • § 03 Membership

  • Any well-known cat lover can become a member.

    The association consists of:

    1. active members
      Members whose kennels are registered with Felidae e.V. and who also have pedigrees exclusively from Felidae e. V. These are selectable and entitled to vote.
    2. Family members:
      Members who live in a household with an active member and do not themselves belong to another cat club as an active or breeder member and have not registered their own kennel name. These are selectable and entitled to vote.
    3. Supporting members:
      Members who do not belong to any association or to another association, but who support the goals of Felidae e.V. These cannot be chosen and are not allowed to participate in the decisions of the association.
    4. Honorary Members:
      Persons who have worked particularly hard for the interests of the cats and/or the association are exempt from the annual fee.
      Honorary members can only be selected and have a say if they are also members according to § 03 (1) of the statutes.

  • § 04 Beginning and end of membership

  • The Executive Board decides on the written application for admission. The application can be rejected without giving reasons. No appeal is possible against the refusal.

    Membership ends by:

    1. Death
    2. Exit
    3. Disclaimer

    Resignation is possible at the earliest in the year following entry and must be declared in writing (by registered letter with return receipt) or (by e-mail with a valid sender e-mail address) to the Executive Board. The declaration of withdrawal must be submitted by September 30 at the latest. one year of the office and will then be on 31.12. valid for the year in which the notice of termination was given.

    The expulsion is carried out by the Executive Board and the member is to be notified in writing, stating the reasons.

    The exclusion must take place at:

    1. Falsification or fraudulent submission of pedigrees and knowingly false information in the litter report.
    2. Disposal of sick animals to third parties with fraudulent intent.
    3. Exhibit sick animals if the exhibitor knew or should have known about the disease.
    4. Violations of the statutes, regulations and guidelines, or resolutions and orders made by the general meeting or the board.
    5. Behaviour that is harmful to the club
    6. Insulting a member, judge or board member and gross violations of the peace of the association
    7. improper conduct at shows
    8. in the case of misconduct in animal husbandry according to the applicable German and European animal protection law

    The member can object to the exclusion within a period of two weeks, starting with receipt of the declaration of exclusion. If no objection is made within this period, the exclusion is effective and can no longer be contested. If the objection is made in good time, the board of directors will again make a final decision on the exclusion based on the grounds for the objection and with the involvement of three other active members of the association. The final decision must be communicated to the member in writing. There are no other legal remedies against this.

  • § 05 Membership Fees

    1. To cover the costs and to facilitate the association's goals, the members take an annual fee and an admission fee, which must be paid without being asked by January 31st. must be credited to the association's account every year. Honorary members are exempt from the obligation to pay the annual fee.
    2. The amount and due date of the annual fee and the admission fee are decided at the general meeting. In general, all fees are collected from the members by direct debit.
    3. Members must pay appropriate fees for the use of other services. These are also decided at the general meeting.

  • § 06 Rights and duties of the members

    1. Members have the right to use all of the association's facilities against reimbursement of costs.
    2. All members have the right to participate in events and meetings of the association.
    3. All members have the right to submit motions to the general meeting or the board.
    4. The members entrusted with an honorary post are only entitled to compensation for costs actually incurred. These must be proven by receipts.
    5. The members do not receive any profit shares and, in their capacity as members, no other benefits from the funds of the association.

    Members undertake:

    1. Meet your financial obligations to the association on time.
    2. Breeding and keeping the cats species-appropriate and pure breed.
    3. Not to sell animals to the fur industry and for experimental purposes.
    4. To register the litters in the club's stud book.
    5. To promote the goals of the association to the best of their ability.

  • § 07 Bodies of the Association

  • Organs of the association are:
    1. the board
    2. the General Assembly

  • § 08 The Executive Board

    1. The association is represented in and out of court by the 1st chairman and the 2nd chairman within the meaning of § 26 BGB. One signature is sufficient for legal representation.
    2. The power of attorney of the 2nd chairman only applies internally if the managing 1st chairman is unavailable.

  • § 09 Responsibility of the Executive Board

  • The Executive Board is responsible for all matters and decisions, insofar as these are not reserved for the General Assembly by the Articles of Association. The board of Felidae e.V. following tasks:

    1. Preparation and convening of the general meeting and preparation of the agenda.
    2. Execution of resolutions of the general meeting.
    3. Member support, bookkeeping and preparation of an annual report.
    4. Determination of fees for special services by "Felidae e.V."
    5. Resolution on the acceptance of new members.

  • § 10 General Assembly

    1. The regular general meeting should be convened every two years, if possible in the second half of the calendar year, by the 1st chairman or, if he is unable to do so, by the 2nd chairman.
    2. The members are invited in writing, subject to a notice period of 30 days. The agenda is to be announced in the summons.
    3. An extraordinary general meeting must be convened by the 1st chairman if this is requested by 25% of the members, stating the purpose and the reasons. In this case, the members are to be invited with notification of the agenda with a notice period of 14 days.
    4. The General Assembly passes its resolutions with a simple majority of the votes cast. Voting is open, by show of hands, unless a member requests secret voting for personal decisions.
    5. The General Assembly has the following tasks:
      1. The board of directors is elected for five years. He remains in office until the new election. The term of office of the 1st chairman is automatically extended by a further period, unless ¾ of all voting members vote out the 1st chairman at the general meeting or by postal vote. If a board member resigns prematurely from his position permanently, the board will be supplemented by a suitable member of the association until the next general meeting.
        The general assembly confirms the appointed member until the end of the election period of the entire executive board, or proposes another member of the association for the office, who then holds the office instead of the association member proposed by the executive board. In any case, this election is only valid until the end of the election period of the entire board.
      2. Two cash auditors are elected for a period of two years. If a cash auditor leaves the company prematurely, a suitable member of the association will be appointed as cash auditor by the board of directors by the next general meeting.
      3. Receipt of the biennial report of the board and the auditors. When preparing and presenting the annual report of the cash auditors, they can use the help of a tax consultant and/or a chartered accountant.
      4. The discharge of the board.
      5. Honorary members appointed by the Board of Directors must be confirmed or rejected by the General Assembly. If an acting board member is to receive honorary membership, the general assembly decides whether to accept or reject an application.
    6. Taking minutes: A minute taker is to be appointed for each general meeting. Minutes must be kept of the resolutions of the general meeting, which must be signed by the respective chairman of the meeting and the minute taker. The minutes must contain the place and time of the meeting, the person chairing the meeting and the minute taker, the number of members present, the agenda, the individual voting results and the type of voting. If the articles of association are changed, the exact wording must be given.

  • § 11 Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation

    1. An amendment to the statutes can only be decided by the general meeting. When summoning, the paragraph to be changed must be announced. To change the statutes, at least 25% of all voting members must be present and a majority of 3/4 of the valid votes cast is required.
    2. A change in the purpose of the association can only be decided with the consent of all members. The written consent of the members who did not appear at the general meeting can only be declared to the board within one month.
    3. Article 10, paragraph 5a can only be changed with the consent of ¾ of all members entitled to vote, at the general meeting or by postal vote.

  • § 12 Assets

    1. All contributions, fees and income of the association are used exclusively to achieve the association's purpose.
    2. No one may be favored by administrative tasks that are alien to the purpose of the association, or by disproportionately high remuneration.

  • § 13 dissolution of the association

  • The dissolution of the association can only take place if 3/4 of the members have agreed to this by ballot. The request for dissolution must be submitted by at least 49% of all members.
    If the association is dissolved, the remaining association assets will be transferred to an institution dedicated to the protection of animals or nature. This should preferably be the German Animal Welfare Association.

  • § 14 husbandry and breeding guidelines

  • An integral part of the statutes are the attached Breeding and husbandry guidelines.

  • § 15 Titles and championship certificates

    1. Title candidatures must be acquired at international shows in front of international judges. 2 reviews per day will be accepted. The champion or premier title can be acquired according to the following scheme.

      • Champion or Premier:
        3 x CAC or 3 x CAP in Germany from 2 different judges.
      • International Champion or International Premier:
        3 x CACIB or 3 x CAPIB in Germany from 3 different judges.
      • Grand International Champion or Grand International Premier:
        5 x CAGCIB or 5 x CAGPIB in Germany under 4 different judges,
        or alternatively 1 x CAGCIB or 1 x CAGPIB outside of Germany and 2 x CAGCIB or 2 x CAGPIB in Germany from 3 different judges.
      • Europe Champion or Europe Premier:
        7 x CACE or 7 x CAPE in Germany from 5 different judges,
        or alternatively 2 x CACE or 2 x CAPE in 2 different countries outside of Germany and 1 x CACE or 1 x CAPE in Germany,
        or alternatively 4 x CACE or 4 x CAPE in Germany and 1 x CACE or 1 x CAPE outside of Germany from 4 different judges.
      • Grand Europe Champion or Grand Europe Premier:
        7 x GCACE or 7 x GCAPE in Germany from 5 different judges,
        or alternatively 2 x GCACE or 2 x GCAPE in 2 different countries outside of Germany and 1 x GCACE or 1 x GCAPE in Germany,
        or alternatively 4 x GCACE or 4 x GCAPE in Germany and 1 x CACE or 1 x GCAPE outside Germany from 4 different judges.
      • World Champion or World Premier:
        10 x WCAC or 10 x WCAP in Germany from 7 different judges,
        or alternatively 1 x WCAC or 1 x WCAP in Germany and 1 x WCAC or 1 x WCAP outside of Germany and 1 x WCAC or 1 x WCAP on another continent.
        Exceptions are world exhibitions of various clubs. Here you can choose between continent, foreign or Germany points. Continent points will be recognized if obtained from a judge from a continent other than Europe. Foreign points are recognized if they were acquired from a judge in a country other than Germany.

    2. Championship certificates can be obtained upon presentation of the judges' reports (COPY!) and the title certificate (copy!).

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The General Assembly

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