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The somehow different association??
We are not different, but we understand ourselves as exactly that what an association is supposed to be. An association is a join of like-minded humans, who try to get forward in their common sphere of interest. And, it belongs to all, not the executive committee nor the founder. One is strong together!
This is the way we want to go, not the individual should stay in the foreground and surely not the executive committee. All the members shall have their advantages from this association.

Our targets
  We want to provide cat lovers and breeders possibilities to offer their animals a better live, to create better breeding conditions and to get access to knowledge all around cats.

If all will get something, then all are to go through!
  We don't want to build big hierarchies, the association needs to be presented to the outside by the executive commitee, but for all other issues we would like to have members, who actively take part in the associaton, share their knowledge, provide useful hints to "newbies".

Personal enrichment, no thanks!
  As is usual for an association, it takes membership fees from its members. Other fees are also estimated, for family trees, certificates, etc. This income is used in the association to make administration possible at all. It just doesn't work without a certain infrastructure. There are costs for office supplies and equipment, for internet presence and telecommunications, for trips to members or other associations to be able to help directly on site.
But it's just a question of whether the board of directors of an association allows the association to pay for every little thing, or whether they don't waive one or the other "reimbursement of costs" on an honorary basis. Many clubs follow the motto: "We may not make a profit, but we can enrich ourselves indirectly through the club".
That's exactly what we don't want here!
If there are surpluses, then these should be used for aid projects or for further training measures for our members. This is what the board and the cash auditors stand for with their names.

(C) by Felidae e.V. & Markus Ronneberger